Silvio Cocco is a graphic designer based in Torino ( Italy ) who stretches the limits of commercial design into a sort of new field. He produces his original works starting from an idea, a sensation, and develops this concept to inexpected extenses. Out of a single hint he creates a deep exploration of the world that lies inside that simple hint and produces theories, books, dictionaries, paintings, illustrations, objects, sculptures.
Graphic design turns into art exploration. Art-design made by an art-designer.


1979 Diploma in graphic design.

1981 Grahic designer and illustrator / Torino design and communication agencies.

1982 Creative director for GFT / international fashion company.
Graphic design projects, advertising campaigns, stores and exhibitions design.
___ MAIN BRANDS: Christian Dior, Louis Feraud, NewMan, Montana, Ungaro, Valentino.
Visual consultant for cultural communication field
Events design, social communication, cultural posters, magazine and art publishing design.

1989 Graphic designer in London / Food packaging sector for international companies.
___ MAIN BRANDS: Alemagna, Bacardi, Tesco, Unilever.

1990 Graphic designer in Singapore / Cosmetic sector for Asian and Australian companies.
___ MAIN BRANDS: Clinique, Eau D’Issey, i Coloniali.

1991 Creative director in Torino / partnership in design company Cocco s.a.s – M&T blu.
Graphic projects for international fashion collections. Adv campaigns, print, logos, photo shooting
supervisor on sets and fashion shows in Milan.
Widening my company range of clients. Finance field, automotive, insurance, social issues.
___ MAIN BRANDS: Pitti Uomo Firenze, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Banca Intesa San Paolo, Sai Assicurazioni, Magneti Marelli, Turismo Torino, La Stampa.

2002 Product designer / toy design for italian-chinese company based in Hong Kong.
___ MAIN BRANDS: Fun Box, Shrek table games, Kinder Ferrero.

2007 Creative Director Research Department of Ferrero Group / international food company.
___ MAIN BRANDS : Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Kinder, TicTac, Raffaello, MonCheri.

2009 Academy professor in Bangkok / educational field about graphic design, product design,
corporate communication.

2010 Creative Director Ferrero Headquarters
Selected team for new research and experimantal projects for Ferrero Group management.

2011 Director of Graphic Department Academy in Bangkok / educational field.

2012 Chief of Design Advisor Group, Ferrero Headquarter Montecarlo / Pralines department.

2014 Art designer / Focusing on the passion for typography and graphic design as social tool
of communication, or art experimentation, I shaped a new project as contemporary translation of the job
of graphic designer. In the last few years I’ve produced more than 20 books according to the development of graphic design theories and social observations.
Book maker / My theories are unfolded through books as evidence of the work of research
and development of the initial ideas and insights.
SMS / a new monograms communication code based on Didot and Helvetica styles.
EMOTIONAL GARAMOND / an extra enhancement of emotional meanings of Garamond.
CRISIS EMOTICONS / a social research in pop style and good sense of humor about smileys.
REVOLUTIONS YEARS / the concept of netizens ( citizens of net ) in contemporary history.
TEXTI / short poems in dreamlike visual forms.
CITY MOLECULES / landscape photography according to a graphic designer traveller.
UNCERTALIN TESTAMENT / illustrations from a lost testament of a lost civilization.
IMAGINARY ERBARIUM / a new ideograms language for poetical and philosophical concepts.
BLACK DRAWINGS NOTEBOOK / a large collection of unusual drawings.
STRAY DOGS / contemporary history focused through an urgent social issue.
CONSTANTLY CONNECTED / a humoristic review of contemporary urban habits.
40 MONOGRAMS FOR THE FUTURE LIFE / 40 new existencial words to describe the future.