This is a code. A simple code based on the English language, formed by singular monograms.
Or characters. Its main concept and use aims to form a shorter way to communicate with text or sms. Therefore, the logic that supports its creation is to give shape to an easy way to memorize all the characters and meanings.
But, more than the logic side, the aesthetic aspect has been the push for such imaginary research and work.
The love for typography.
This work doesn’t expect to solve a problem or to give an efficient method for sms communication. Technology constantly improves smart solutions to shorten the way of writing text. Even the concept of writing is rapidly disappearing since ones can simply talk
to its device for composing messages.
Despite that, the final shape is a typographic shape. Like in 1957, when the Helvetica typeface was designed.
This research and its book can be considered a dictionary. A very unusual dictionary, actually, since it doesn’t have a proper index and very little discipline in displaying its monograms. This is a small provocation (or a fancy creation) in order to point out the mere typographic work in character design. This project, which is far to be completed and far to be useful in everyday usage, is a gesture of passion. It makes us a bit closer to the amazing skills of all the printers and engravers of western tradition who shaped every single printed word of our culture.
And History starts with the silent rumble of the first designed word.
Therefore we are pleased to thank Herr Max Miedinger and his collaborators.
Very much.

Progetto SMS Helvetica
Singular Monograms System Helvetica idea di Silvio Cocco
Singular Monograms System Helvetica progetto di Silvio Cocco
Progetti di Silvio Cocco
Progetto di Silvio Cocco
Singular Monograms System Silvio Cocco project
cocco SMS helvetica typo
silvio cocco SMS helvetica typo
silvio cocco helvetica typo