What is Rome?
First of all, it would be better to say what “a Rome” is.
Since Rome is a cluster of meanings and symbols that has passed through different geographical sites along the history.
Rome is The Place. It is the Capital of an Empire.
An Empire is the conglomeration of different nations and peoples but united under a single will.
To form, and above all, to preserve an Empire, a few fundamental elements are indispensable. A shared law.
An official and supranational language. A religion that unites the moral and ritual code of peoples with different traditions.
But, beyond laws and religions, Rome is the place of the spirit. It is the city that magnetizes desires and makes them possible.
It is the place where to go with a dream to be realized. It is where to go when there is nowhere to go.
It is the human energy that concentrates and generates ideas, wealth, success, and culture.
A Rome does not cease its mission. It passes through the glory of its historical parabola with such force that makes it survive
its decline and makes it, even today, a pulsing and powerful city. A journey through the history and the six Romes that shaped the western culture….until the seventh one.
The irreversible and revolutionary change of human history.